Online Course Registration

Online course registration for the 2019 - 2020 school begins on February 15 and will end on February 25. Information, resources, and instructions regarding online course registration are available in the links below.

Please note that as a result of recent Program reviews, the following course name changes will go into effect beginning next school year. The new course names are reflected in the new Program of Studies and on the attached Course request sheets.  

Creative Writing = Introduction to Creative Writing
Advanced Creative Writing = Comprehensive Creative Writing
Abnormal Psychology-H = Advanced Social Studies: Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology-H = Advanced Social Studies: Social Psychology
Advanced Mathematics of Engineering = Advanced Mathematics: Topics in Engineering
Data Structures (new course) = Advanced Topics in Computer Science
Differential Equations-H = Advanced Mathematics: Differential Equations
Unified Calculus III-H = Advanced Mathematics: Calculus III
Advanced Photo Editing for Business = Photo Editing for Business
Advanced Programming for Business = Programming for Business II
Advanced Art - H = Art IV H