Credit Recovery

It is imperative that Students and Parents must consult the "Guidelines for the Utilization of Option II" located on the BRHS website prior to filling out this application:

Credit Recovery Form

Students receiving a final grade of “U” in a BRHS course do not receive credit. Students who fail to meet course requirements and/or fail to meet attendance requirements receive a final grade as indicated with an * (asterisk). In each case, credits towards graduation are not earned. Student options include the repeat of the course during the next school year; enrollment in an approved summer school program; or enrollment in an online alternative. Enrollment in a summer school program or online course require approval through submission of an Option II application.

Credit Recovery courses require students to be enrolled for a minimum of 60 hours for a 5 credit course. Grades for completed Credit Recovery courses will be reflected on transcripts with the designation of “P” (Pass) or “U” (Fail). Approved courses dropped after the drop/add period will be recorded on BRHS transcripts as “W” (Withdrawn). Credit recovery courses are not included in the calculation of a student’s overall GPA. The original course and final grade will be retained on the student’s transcript. Appropriate credits will be applied toward graduation requirements. The following is a list of approved credit recovery courses through Educere:

Educere Credit Recovery Courses 2021

Educere Credit Recovery Courses 2021 (Basic – IEP Students Only)

1Registration for summer credit recovery courses must be completed by July 2, 2021. This includes traditional classroom and online credit recovery courses.

All summer credit recovery courses must be completed by August 6, 2021. Students enrolled in an online credit recovery course are required to take the final exam for that course at BRHS. Final exams are available by appointment, weekdays only - August 2-6, 2021. Should the high school remain closed, final exams may be taken at home.

Please contact your counselor if you have additional questions.

BRHS Credit Recovery Registration

Grade 9 English and Algebra I are graduation requirements and must be completed successfully in order for students to graduate. If your child receives a “U” as the final grade they may recover the lost credit through our intensive summer program. This program can take the place of repeating the courses next school year or paying for an outside credit recovery course. Successful completion of this 4-week summer credit recovery program will allow students to receive credit for grade 9 English or Algebra I.  The summer program is in-person and runs from July 12 thru August 6 from 8-11 am at BRHS.  There is no charge for this program.

Please complete the following survey to indicate if you would like to enroll your child if they do not successfully complete grade 9 English or Algebra I. 

You may choose to enroll your child in only ONE of the two credit recovery courses, as these courses will run concurrently. If you plan to enroll your child in additional credit recovery courses, they must be completed outside of BRRSD. 

Please complete this survey by Friday, July 2nd.

Registration for Grade 9 English Credit Recovery

Registration for Algebra I Credit Recovery