Clubs & Activities

Some 90 + formal clubs and activity groups are available for student membership based upon interest and personal preference at Bridgewater-Raritan High School. A listing of the clubs and groups is posted in every classroom for student review. The Activity Information Sheet lists the clubs/groups alphabetically while providing details related to the date on which the activity begins, the number of hours per week the activity requires, whether officers are elected, how one may join for participation, who is the advisor or coach, and any special reminders that apply to the activity.

Well over 75 % of the BRHS student body participates in one or more of the various clubs/groups. Participation in these activities provides a student with the opportunity to express himself/herself in unique and especially talented ways.

If you would like to start a new Club or Activity Group, submit a Proposal for New School Club. Once submitted your club proposal will be reviewed by Mr. Brian Smith for approval. Please note that in order to be approved, the club or activity group must have a staff adviser and must take place on campus. After approval, the club or activity group will be added to the list on the High School Website.

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