Clubs & Activities

Some 90 + formal clubs and activity groups are available for student membership based upon interest and personal preference at Bridgewater-Raritan High School. A listing of the clubs and groups is posted in every classroom for student review. The Activity Information Sheet lists the clubs/groups alphabetically while providing details related to the date on which the activity begins, the number of hours per week the activity requires, whether officers are elected, how one may join for participation, who is the advisor or coach, and any special reminders that apply to the activity.

Well over 75 % of the BRHS student body participates in one or more of the various clubs/groups. Participation in these activities provides a student with the opportunity to express himself/herself in unique and especially talented ways.

Full List

BRHS Clubs and Activities 2018-2019 BEGINNING DATE HOURS PER
3D Printing Club June Bi- Monthly No Speak to Advisor A. Huntington
Discuss 3D printing technology
A Cappella Alliance February Thursdays   Speak to advisor J. Wilson
Academic Team October 2 No Attend Meeting B. Perna
E. Vanderberg
All are welcome
American Red Cross Club Sept. 22, Thursday, in room 2023   Yes Attend Meeting G. Filipski
Join us as you are able; make the world a better place
Archery Club Feb - June 2 Fridays a Month 3:30-5:30pm No Speak to advisors S. Blanke
M. Henry
Provide an opportunity for all students to participate in a sport
Arts For Smiles October Once a Month Yes Attend Meeting L. Pullem
Allows students to express their talents and musical arts for a good cause by performing around the community, especially in Assisted Living and Senior Centers; students are thus enabled to spread cheer and smiles to others, while pursuing their passions in the performing arts.
Astronomy Club September Every other Tuesday No Attend Meeting C. Buzby
Allow students to get together and be inspired by space and what lies beyond.
Asian Cultural Connection Club   Bi-weekly meetings with calls to students from China   Attend Meetings Hsieh-Chiou Chang The purpose of this club is to help students learn about Chinese culture and help Chinese students learn about American culture through direct communication.
Autism Speaks May Every other Monday No Attend Meeting K. Goracy
Raise money for Autism speaks organization.
Automobile Club March Twice a month No Attend Meeting safe driving awareness and fundraisers
Ayati CLub Sept. 2nd Friday monthly   Attend Meeting The purpose of the Ayati Club is to bring education and materials to promote hygenic practices to young women in rural parts of India.
Band – Concert Sept. 4 No Audition N. Mossa
Part of regular band classes
Baseball March 20-25 Captains Attend Meeting M. Newill
Organizational meeting will be held in mid-December
Physicals Required
Basilone Memorial Foundation Club Sept 1 Yes Speak with Advisor D. Kavanagh
Basketball (Boys) 11/19/2018 15 Captain Pick up paperwork room 308
October 1
G. McAteer
S. Kline; 
Fall strength & conditioning workouts
Begin with Coach Hamrah
(if not playing a fall sport).
Physicals due to school nurse on or before Oct. 12th
Tryouts begin after school on Nov. 19th 
Physicals Required
Basketball(Girls) Nov. 10-12 Captain Attend Meeting S. Bray
Give all-out effort
Physicals Required.
Beyond the Book Oct Monthly   Speak with Advisor K. Messano
Promoting literacy
Bipartisan Political Club February Every other Tuesday   Attend Meeting S. Bray
Forum for democrats and republicans to discuss issues
Bowling (Varsity) Nov. 15 Yes Attend Meeting Kathi DeBonis
Provide an opportunity to high school students to represent their school and community in interscholastic competitive bowling.
Physicals Required
BRHS Cancer Project Sept. 2nd Tuesday of the month
Room 819
Yes Speak with Advisor L. Delahunty
Volunteer to raise to raise money
BRTV Sept. 3 Yes Attend Meeting C. Black
S. Linzer
Stop by the BRTV studio (Room 218 and 221) for more information
Build A Future Sept. Every other Tuesday Yes Speak with Advisor L. James
To host supply drives and collect unwanted building blocks for distribution to hospitals, children and daycares in less fortunate areas, along with fundraising for the Children’s Charity Compassion International.
CEC (Council for Exceptional Children) Sept. 1 No Attend Meeting A.Higgins,
Promote inclusion of all BRHS students
Chamber Music Club Sept Wednesdays after school   Attend Meeting N. Mossa
Open to all instrumentatlists, vocalists.
Sept. 10-15 Captains Speak with Advisor C. Madurski
Complete locally and nationally
Physicals Required
Chemistry Olympiad Sept TBD No Speak to Advisor C. Pieroni
R. Hess
Chess Club   Fridays   Come to meeting A. Supple A place where students who are interested and passionate about chess can come to meet and demonstrate their talents.
Choir         John Wilson To view performances of the Bridgewater-Raritan High School Choral Program, visit our youtube channel.
Christian Club Sept. -  1 Yes Email advisor for info L. Schulte
Clothes for a Cause Sept Once a month   Speak to Advisor K. Messano
Clothing drives for wearable clothes for students who are less fortunate.
Comedy/Improv Club Sept. 19 1 No Attend Meeting S. Rubin
Competitive Writing Club October 3rd Thursday of each month No Attend Meeting E. Leigh
Encourages students to submit their creative works to writing contests.
Computer Building January Once every 2 weeks No Attend Meeting E. O'Melia
Learn how to purchase and build your own computer.
Computer Science and Development Club Sept 20th, Room 304 Once a Week No Attend Meeting   Work as a team to create Android apps using Android Studio
Conversation Club for English Learners Sept     Speak to Advisor L. Palazzi
J. Kari
Coupons for a Cause Nov Once every 3 weeks on Tuesday or Thursday   Speak to Advisor LNolan
Use coupons to collect food and donate it to charity
Crafts for Kids Sept 1 Yes Attend Meeting K. Shapiro
Creative Writing Club Sept     Speak to Advisor M. Potosky
Cross Country (Boys) August 16 Captains Speak to Advisor D. Evans
Physicals are required
Cross Country (Girls) Aug. 8-10 Captains Attend Practice K.Doherty
Physicals Required
Diabolo Sept First and Last Thursday a month No Attend meeting J. Raphel
Teach different hand-eye coordination skills.
Digital Fine Arts Sept Tuesdays No Attend Meeting J. Wezyk
Learning digital design skills that will aid in design career
Doctors Without Borders Sept. 27th Every other Thursday at 2:30 Rm 1021 Yes Attend Meeting J. Barrett
Donate Life Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting J. Cantagallo-Rohm
Drama (Fall) Sept. 10-20 Yes Attend Meeting Thomas Gunning
Listen for announcements of audition dates.
Earth Guardians BR Thursdays 2:30-3:15 1   Attend Meeting John Wilson The purpose of Earth Guardians is to get students involved in looking into solutions for current global issues based on climate change. Students will develop skills such as teamwork and leadership as we work withCliamte change prevention organizations and work to create a better and sustainable world for the future of the youth. Volunteer hours will be given as fundraising events take place. Volunteer hours will be given as fundraising events take place.
Ecuadorian Education Outreach Club April Weekly on Thursdays No Attend Meeting L. Pullem
Help improve the quality of education in Ecuador
Educate to Empower Oct Once per month   Attend Meeting W. Argenta
Club to support children in India who cannot support themselves
Elijah's Promise Nov twice per month No Attend Meeting L. James
Raise money for Elijah's soup kitchen.
Empty Bowls Project Sept 1 No Attend Meeting J. Pellegrino
Make bowls to donate to the Empty Bowls Project Organization (Hunterdon County Food Pantry)
EMS/Fire Cadet Corps Sept. 3 Yes Attend Organized
F. Ur
For students interested in helping out the community and learning about emergency medical services.
Encompassing Ecology October Once per month on Wednesdays Yes Attend Meeting G. McAteer
Help and restore ecosystems and biodiversity all across NJ.
Ensembros Sept. 2 No Speak to Advisor J. Wilson
Auditions will be held in the choir room. Be sure to sign up for a time.
Ensure the Cure Club Sept 1st Wed of every month   Attend Meeting C. Slootmaker
Spread awareness for cancer and improve the lives of cancer patients.
Entrepreneurship Club Sept Every other Thursday   Attend Meeting N. Pine
Enhance the interest of startups in students and equip them with real world skills to launch ideas of their own.
EquilBRium Sept Tuesday
Thursday Room 2027
No Attend Meeting M. Potosky
Club dedicated to gender equality within our school
E Sports Club Oct Every Tuesday No Attend Meeting S. Strungis
Find a healthy balance between gaming and studying
Family and Child Relief Club “FCRC” Sept Every other week on Wednesdays   Attend Meeting C. Slootmaker
Helps those in need specifically in Asia.
Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Sept Twice a Month Yes Attend Meeting W. Turtur
National organization fostering leadership development with focus on family and community. Conferences with workshops and competitions for personal development. Community service opportunities.
Feeding America Sept Every other Monday Yes Attend Meeting D. Jefferies
Students will volunteer at local food banks and raise money for them.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting K. Doherty
Nationwide organization that exists at high schools and colleges. Meet and discuss what it means to be a christian athlete. There will also be opportunities to do community services.
Fencing Club October Every other Wednesday No Speak to Advisor S. Johnson
Meet with other students interested in fencing to discuss the sport.
Field Hockey
Varsity and JV
Aug. 15 No Attend Meeting L. Pinto
Be prepared to put full effort and energy into practice. - Physicals Required
Fifa Club   2x Monthly   Come to Meeting The club will serve to bring together students who all enjoy the online xbox game called Fifa. We will meet once3 or twice a month and play this game ina friendsly and cooperative manner.
Fighting Blindness Club Tuesday after school every 2 weeks     Show Interest W. Argenta
This club will fundraise for Foundation Fighting Blindness through events to raise money and bring awareness about genetic diseases that cause blindness.
Film Analysis Club Oct Monthly on Friday No Speak to Advisor M. Henry
Fishing Club Sept. 2 Yes Attend Meeting P. Friedman
Basic fishing equipment and tackle are required for your personal use.
Aug. 20 Yes Attend Meeting S. Bray
C. DiNucci
E. Knapp
Physicals Required
Forensics Speech & Debate Team Sept. 2-14 Yes Attend Meeting TBD Open to all students interested in competitive speech, drama, and debate. Weekend tournaments.
French Club Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting J. Haff
All students are welcome to join. We meet one to two times per month to do cultural activities. You do not need to be studying French in order to be part of the club.
French Honor Society Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting J. Haff
Students must be currently enrolled in French and must meet certain grade criteria in order to join. Students also need to complete ten hours of community service and participate in at least one French activity. Students must participate in at least two French department activities.
Friends of Donors Choose Late September     Show Interest "Farina, Patricia" Raise money and collect supplies to donate to underprivileged classrooms and child support services Donors choose is a website where donors can pick a project to fund. Every month we will pick a project to fund through fundraisers
Friends of Rachel Sept 1 Yes Attend Meeting K. Goret
L. Pinto
Fuel Up to Play 60 November Every other Wednesday Yes Attend Meeting S. Baranowski &
A. Hodge
In school nutrition and physical activity program 
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Sept. 2 Yes Attend Meeting K. Fry
Anyone interested in business is welcome to join.
Future Health Leaders of America (FHLA) Sept. 2 Yes Attend Meeting D. Setcavage
Raise money for Doctors Without Borders; educate members and community about medical field, careers, and current medical issues.
Roots and Shoots Sept 1 Yes Attend a Meeting E. Pirog Buzby, Colleen
Maintain, improve and expand the school garden, and get BRHS certified by the NJ Water Authority to make us a river friendly school.
German Honor Society TBA - Yes Attend Meeting K. Lerch
To join one must be at least on a level III German. There are also academic requirements and community service hours to be met.
Get Social Sept 1 No Attend Meeting Annie Higgins
Help increase in after school activities
Girls in Cybersecurity Wednesdays     Attend Meetings Dr. Steve Kane/Jason Mauriello Meetings will prepare for upcoming competitions (NYU, CSAW, Girls Cyberstart, etc.) by teaching linux, python and other hacking techniques, as well as practicing on stufdent-friendly software.
GirlUp Sept 1 No Attend Meeting S. Cleary
Advocate for Women’s rights in third world countries
Glee Club Oct. 1 No Speak to Advisor J. Wilson
Auditions will be held in the choir room. See Dr. Gallo for more information.
Golf Team (Boys) April 10-12 Yes Attend Meeting E. O’Meilia
Be prepared for tryouts. Physical needed.
Physicals Required
Golf Team (Girls) April 10-12 Yes Attend Meeting S. Kline
Listen for announcements. Physical needed
Physicals Required
Google Computer Science Every Thursday     Attend Meeting Steve Kane Allows students to express themselves through computer scence and develp community-oriented apps. Will receive guidance from Googe HQ.
Green Peace Club 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month       R. Thorp
Guitar and Bass Club October Every other Wednesday   Attend Meeting M. Crovo
Share talent with bass, guitar or both
Gymnastics Aug. 10-12 Captains Attend Meeting R. Hess
Hard work/dedication
Physical needed.
Physicals Required
Heart to Heart Club Oct Every first Tuesday of the month No Attend Meeting S. Blanke
Collecting toys for kids with Cancer in India.
Helping Hands September Twice a month
Room 2022
Yes Attend Meeting W. Argenta
Help those around us and bring awareness to the community
Henna Club October First Friday of every month Yes Attend Meeting J. Rousos
Use Henna to make designs on hands and collect money for charity.
Homesharing Club March 7 once a month on Thursdays     Ms. Guider Host fund-raisers to raise money for Homesharing non-profit organization
Hop, Skip, & Jump Sept Mondays after school   Attend Meeting S.Michaele
Raise awareness for special needs students.
Ice Hockey (Varsity) Nov. 10-12 No Attend Meeting P. Alvin
S. Diamond
Be in shape and ready to work hard. Be ready to be a team player
Physicals Required
Introverts of BRHS Sept Every other Thursday in room 514   Speak to advisor R. Thorp
Comfortable environment for introverts to connect.
Investors for a Cause Sept On Thursdays every 3 weeks No Attend Meeting C. Brogan
Giving back to the community as well as different charities via the stock market.
iSTEM September 2-4 No Attend Meeting M. Koenig
All students interested in STEM programs welcome
Italian Honor Society Sept 1 Yes Attend Meeting TBD To join one must be at least on a level III Italian. There are also academic requirements and community service hours to be met. Please, also check Advisor’s website for further information.
Jazz Band Nov. 6 No Audition N. Mossa
Look for announcement forms in the Band Room by mid-November. Auditions will be held shortly there-after.
Key Club Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting M. Henry
Be willing to serve your school and community
Kindness with a Cause       Attend Meeting S. Wakde Take part in the special Olympics, food drives, book drives, and other fundraiser for different causes.
Lacrosse (Boys) March 22 No Attend Meeting M. Apel
Physical needed
Lacrosse (Girls) March 18 No Attend Meeting Lydia Pinto
Physical needed
Latin Honor Society Sept Varies No Application L. Jaffe
Clare Brogan
Students must be currently enrolled in Latin IIIH and meet certain grade criteria prior to application.
Leadership Club Oct Every Tuesday after school   Attend Meeting K. Walsh
Literary Magazine
Sept. 1 No Attend Meeting E. Leigh
Please be prepared to review and proofread writings.
Little Theater Sept. 1 No Attend Meeting S. Blanke
Lorelei Women’s Ensemble Oct. 2 No Speak to Advisor J. Wilson
Students interested in auditioning for the Lorelei Women’s Ensemble should acquire an audition packet from the choir room (124) in late Sept. Entry into the ensemble is at the discretion of the director. The ensemble performs regularly outside of class. Attendance at additional rehearsals and performances is an expectation.
Leo Club May 2x per month on Thursdays No Attend Meeting L. Pullem
Emphasis on community service projects
Luthier’s Club Sept 1 No Speak to Advisor M. Crovo
Mad Scientists Club Oct Once a week on Tuesday.   Attend Meeting R. Hess
All are welcome especially those with a passion for science and amazing experiments.
Magic The Gathering Dec. Wednesdays No Speak to Advisor Xenia Stryzak
To play magic the gathering the trading card game
Make-A-Wish Club Sept. 0 Yes Attend Meeting K. Anderson
D. Ruben
Listen for meeting updates to join. Works to raise money for Make A Wish Foundation.
Marching Band Aug. 20+ Yes Speak to Advisor N. Mossa
T. Bourgault
Any dedicated student may join
Math Team Sept. 1 No Attend Meeting B. Perna
Challenge yourself mathematically
Media Club Sept. 
Room 218
1 Yes Attend Meeting C. Black & S. Linzer
For more information please stop down to the BRTV studio (rooms 218 and 221)
Men’s Ensemble Sept     Speak to Advisor J. Wilson
Mock Trial Team Mid Sept. 2 No Attend Meeting K. Walsh
Model United Nations Mid Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting C. Hanson-Gibbons
Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors only. Knowledge of Google Docs. Model UN info sent via Google Docs. See Advisor for more details
Mu Alpha Theta Sept 1 Yes Attend Meeting Need Advisor Juniors excelling in mathematics may apply
National Art Honors Society Sept. 2 Yes Attend Meeting M. Hawkinson
Discuss community service projects that fully utilize member’s artistic skill
National Honor Society Sept. 2 Yes Attend Meeting K. Anderson
Eligible students will be invited to submit materials to the Faculty Council to be considered for membership.
Neuroscience Club Oct. Every other Thursday Yes Speak to Advisor S. Kane
Fun and relaxing way to learn more about neuroscience.
New Comers Club Sept. 8th 5 No Speak to Advisor J. Antunes
L. Feinberg
Alleviate some of the difficulties associated with transferring into a new school district
New York Relief Fundraiser October Every other week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays Yes Speak to Advisor L. Klubuck
Raise money for the NY Relief Bus Charity
NJ Science League Sept 2 No Speak to Advisor J. Kearney
Students need recommendation of their current science teacher in order to participate in the NJ Science League.
Origami Club October Weekly No Attend Meeting L. Klubuck
Teach Origami.
Oxfam Club Sept. Every other Tuesday     C. Brogan
Support OxFam America’s goal to end poverty, hunger and social injustice around the world through volunteer events.
Parks and Recreation Club Sept 2x a month on Thursdays   Attend Meeting S. Kane
Raise money and donate to parks and recreational activities in our community
Paws For A Cause Sept 1 No Attend Meeting J. Potito
Help endangered and local aminals.
Peer2Peer Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting K. Cassidy
There will be a nomination process for incoming freshman. Please see Ms. Cassidy to get more information.
Photography Club Nov Meeting twice a month No Attend meeting L. Pullem
Open for students interested in sharing memories and the joy of taking photos
Poetry Club   Every Other Thursday   Attend Meeting Erin Leigh The club will provide a safe space for students to be creative through the expression of writing and will implement good public speaking skills.
Product Research Club   Bi-Weekly   Attend Meeting Gene McAteer To educate students on consumer science, expose students to real product research, and engage students in the industry/consumer co-creation process for innovative products
Purple Panthers Sept.  Bi-Weekly No Attend Meeting C. Romeo
A team to represent BRHS in the Relay for LIfe Event in May
Quiz Bowl Team Sept Weekly   Attend Meeting M. Koenig
Complete buzzer style trivia events
Relay for Life Sept 1 No Attend Meeting C.Romeo
Fundraise for the Relay for Life walk in Duke Island Park
Retrophresh Dance Team Sept. 8 Yes Attend Meeting J. Satanik, J. Raphel
Robotics Team (Full Year Club) Sept. 12th 6-35 Captains and leadership council Speak to the advisor. Attend meeting on 9/12/18 Lauren Dahl
Listen for announcements
ROC (Responsible Online Communication) Sept. 25 2018 Every other Tuesday Yes Attend meeting W. Argenta
Educate about positive and negative effects of social media
RPG Club Sept. 2 Yes Attend Meeting Xenia Stryzak
Role-Playing Games
SADD Club - Students Against Destructive Decisions Late Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting C. Levin
M. Palazzi
works to educate the community about tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and other destructive behaviors
Save the Children Club Sept Every other Wednesday Yes Attend Meeting K. Walsh
Fundraise for children in need
School Newspaper (The Prowler) Sept. 1 No Attend Meeting K. Messano
Students who cannot attend meetings can still submit articles.
Sci Fi Club Sept 1 No Attend Meeting N. Pine
Science and Engineering Research Club Sept Meet Once a Month No Attend Meeting C. Pieroni
Designed to give students the opportunity to share research on topics of their choosing and allow them to present them
Science National Honor Society Sept. 0 Yes Speak to the Advisor M. Koenig
Students are selected from applications based upon their science course grades through their sophomore year.
Science Olympiad (Formerly Odyssey of the Mind Club) Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting P. Mangano
We cover all fields of science: biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.
Please listen for announcements.
Seeing Eye Dog Club May Every other Thursday Yes Speak to Advisor J. Rousos
Fundraisers to get supplies for seeing eye dogs.
SHARE Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting L. Hamilton & M. Fronduto
Listen for announcements during BRTV
Students who want an Officer Position need to visit Ms. Fronduto’s Oncourse Page
SHIP (Samaritan Interim Homeless Program) Sept       Mrs. Wezyk  
Ski/Snowboard Club When the ski mountains open 4 No Attend Meeting E. O’Melia
You sign-up for the club on the club 

There is no meeting to sign-up and the link will be active in November. All information about the club is posted on this website. Announcements will be made; please check it regularly.
Smash Tournament Club Nov. 20th Tournament every other month No Speak to the Advisor R. DeStefano
Hold tournaments for the video game Super Smash Bros 4
Sports Debate Club Wednesday 1hr   Come to Meeting Mr. Bray Share opinions about currently trending sports stories
Soccer (Boys) August 24 Yes Attend Meeting Rick Szeles
J. Casey
Physical Needed
Soccer (Girl’s) August 18 Yes Attend Meeting C. Gerber
R. Hamilton
Must have a physical form completed by August 1 .
Softball (Girls) March 15 Yes Attend Meeting S. Baranowski &
L. Fitzsimmons
Physicals are due by Feb. Workouts starting in Sept. at the field-house.
Soles 4 Souls September 18th  Mondays once per month No Attend Meeting D. Evans
Gather donations of old or new sneakers to give to less fortunate.
Somerset Relief Fund March One Thursday per month Yes Attend Meeting D. Kavanagh
C. Carmichael
Help local causes such as food banks and veterans
Spanish Honor Society Sept. 1 Yes Speak to Advisor N. Khalpukova
J. Siegal
SPEAK 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every Month     Speak to Advisor K. DeBonis
Club to spread awareness about domestic abuse
Speak-Out Club Sept. 1 Yes Attend Meeting J. Carr-Jones
Discuss/participate in self- advocacy, leadership, and community service
Spring Musical Nov. 10-20 No Attend Meeting Tom Gunning
Seeking committed actors, singers, dancers, and stage crew. Listen for announcements.
SSG Michael Ollis Freedom Foundation Sept Every other week No Attend Meeting P. Mangano
Helping families of Veterans
St. Baldrick Club May Once a month No Contact Advisor K. Messano
Conquor kids cancer and spread awareness
St. Jude Childrens’s Research Hospital Oct Bi-monthly   Attend Meeting J. Siegal
Raise money for St. Jude’s hospital
Stock Market Club Sept. 10 1 Yes Attend Meeting D. Altemose
Student Council Sept. 2 Yes Speak to Advisor S. Foley
We are a student run organization dedicated to charity and enhancing the high school experience for all students.
Students Partner with Veterans February Tuesdays once per month or bi-monthly No Attend Meeting D. Evans
Increase student appreciation towards veterans
Sweets for Smiles Sept. 1 No Attend Meeting J. Becza
Fundraising for cancer through bake sales
Sweet Reads Club May Bi Monthly on Mondays Yes Attend Meeting K. Doherty
Collect books and raise funds for children who don't have access to books.
Swim Team (Boys Varsity) November 12 Yes Attend Meeting S. Foley
Prepare to compete at a high level and above all have fun representing BR
Swim Team (Girls Varsity) November 12 Yes Attend Meeting L. Feinberg
C. Levin
Be prepared to give an all-out effort for the entire season.
Symphonic Band All Year 4 No Audition N. Mossa
Part of Band class
Table Games Club October Every other Tuesday   Speak to Advisor E. Knapp
Teams 4 Kids February Every other Tuesday   Attend Meeting J. Casey
Raise money for the Teams 4 kids foundation. Helps low income kids play sports.
Technology Students Association (TSA) Oct Every Thursday   Attend Meeting S. Michaele
Help students interested in STEM fields to further their knowledge and compete to win awards in state and national competitions.
Tennis (Boys) Spring 10-12 Captain Attend Meeting K. Weaver
No email address
Physical needed
Be prepared to give 100%
Tennis (Girls) Aug. 10-12 Yes Tryouts A. Guider
Must try out
Physical needed
Theater           Visit BRHS Theater Site
TILE Chapter Sept 2018 Mon and Tues Yes Attend Meeting S. Kane
Talks of Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Time for Kids Club Sept. 1 No Attend Meeting J. Raphel
L. Krajewski
Teach, inspire, mentor, and excite. Look for information on BRTV so you can get updates about club events.
Toys for Tots May 2x per month on Wednesday No Attend Meeting R. Moncelsi
Organize fundraising activities to collect money for toys for tots
Track (Girls) March - Captain Come to Practice B. Smith
All girls are welcome
Physical needed
Track and Field-Spring
March 16 No Speak to Advisor D. Evans
Physical Needed
Track and Field-Winter
Dec. 16 No Speak to Advisor D. Evans
C. Semonche
Physical Needed
Tri-M Music Honor Society Sept -   Tri-M Guidelines T. Bourgault
Tutoring Club Sept - No Contact Advisor M. Henry
Provide any student a tutor that will not only be free of charge =, but also specifically specialized for individual student needs.
Ultimate Frisbee 2:30-4:30 TRF weather permitting 6hrs   Show up Mike Herbst The club is a team that gets together to play frisbee, compete in tournaments and have fun! All who wish to join are hapily welcomed. If you want some exercise, to form great friendships and compete, then ultimate frisbee is the club for you!
Uplift Humanity Club Sept Monthly Yes Attend Meeting Mr. Filipski
Raise awareness about the rising number of orphans in India. Bake Sales and other fundraising events.
Varsity Club Sept 1 Yes Attend Meeting K. Messano
Promotes school spirit and attendance at athletic events.
Video Game Design Club Oct. 1 No Attend Meeting S. Strungis
Volleyball ( Girls) Aug. 12 No Attend Meeting C. Romanak
All experience levels are welcome to attend.
Volleyball (Boys) March 10-12 Yes Attend Meeting C. Romanak
Quickness an attribute
Physical needed
Volunteers for HOPE (Helping Out Patients Everyday) Nov Bi-weekly on Tuesdays   Attend Meeting L. Carozza
Volunteer and fundraising opportunities for students in hospitals and nursing homes.
Water Project   Every Wednesday from 2:30-3:15 Meetings may be longer depending on the work load     Claire Brogan The water project seeks to provide clean water for the people of the developing nations of Africa. Raising awareness is essential to creating a better scoiety. The club hopes to achieve this goal through charity events and different media campaigns.
WeCode February 3-4 Times per month Yes Speak to Advisor W. Argenta
Code under stress and time contraints
Weight Room All Year 0 No Show Up K. Hamrah
Must be in proper workout attire
WIldlife Conservation Club April once a month     Dr. Kane Support and promote awarenwss on wildlife conservation through fundraising and petitions
Wind Ensemble Sept 4 No Audition T. Bourgault
Part of Wind Ensemble Class
Winter Drum Line Nov. 2-4 No Sign Up N.Mossa
Cannot be involved in spring sports
Winter Guard Mid-Nov. 16 No Attend Meeting N.Mossa
We are looking for students with a DANCE background. The organizational meeting will be held in late November. Stop by the Band room for information.
Women in Stem   Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays. The meeting will last between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the activity planned.     Dr. Feeney Our goal for this club is to bring awareness to the need of people, especially women, in the STEM field. One way we hope to do this is thorough bringing in professionals from STEM and related professions to discuss their personal paths to success and advice for aspiring students. We also hope to get involved with the Suite Girl organization and get involved with their projects.
Women’s Literature Club Sept 1 No Attend Meeting K. Walsh
Explore and read writing specifically made by women.
World Vision Club Jan Once or twice a month   Attend Meeting K. Messano
Help and supply under privileged children around the world.
Wrestling (Boys) December 12 Yes Attend Meeting M. Denver
S. Linzer
Be prepared to work hard. Physical needed.
Writing Pals Jan Once a month No Members of Soph, Jr, Sr. Lit Class K. Messano
Help BRMS students with their writing projects.
Yearbook (Epic) Sept. 10 3 No Attend Meeting P. Cahill
M. Bittner
Students also submit an application/sample spread for consideration. No one is excluded; but application is required.
Z-Club April Mondays bi-weekly No Attend Meeting M. Henry
Develop leadership skills through service projects