Alan Iachini, Supervisor of School Counseling
 908-231-8660 Ext. 47-7203
 fax: 908-253-9480

 2023- 2024 School Year
SCHOOL COUNSELORS Students assigned by Grade and Last Name
  ROOM # EXT # 09 10 11 12
Xavier Brooks 910 47-7219 Gonh-Joh Chaw - Cif
Fit - He
Cop - D Bm - C
Justina Del Rio 917 47-7215 Pral - Sch Boo - Brac
Oh - Ramak
Maru - Or Lah - Meh
Bryan Devlin 915 47-7212 Sci - To Ramal - Sci Os - Ra Mei - Pan
Lisa Finnis 923 47-7214 Joi - Lee Hf - Kol E - Han D - Fo
Jessica Kaiser* 920 47-7220     A - Bod Tt - Z
Laura Karns 918 47-7216 Dat-Gong Brad - Bru
Cig - Fis
Boe - Coo A - Bl
Terry McDonald 921 47-7224 Mop-Prak Brv - Bura
Marj - Og
Kot - Mart Ho - Lag
Tito Santos 924 47-7217 Cac-Das Burb-Came
A - Bon
Valj - Z Shap - Ts
Evan Seavey 919 47-7218 Tp - Z Camf-Casti
Scj - Too
Rb - Si Pao - Rai
Imrin Thind 914 47-7221 Lef - Moo Castj-Cham
Kom - Mari
Hao - Kos Fp - Hn
Sapphire Toussaint  913 47-7222 A - Cab Chan-Chav
Top - Z
Sj - Vali Raj - Shao
*College & Career Counselor
SAC COUNSELORS Students assigned by Grade
  ROOM # EXT # 09 10 11 12

Lauren Amisial

Rm# 1024F Ext. 47-7211        
Aileen Zylberman Rm #1024G Ext 47-7223        
BRHS College Fair - October 11th
Linda Mahoney

Registration is now open for the BRHS College Fair. To register, go to:, and click on Student Registration at the top. At the new page, click on Students, and then search for the BRHS College Fair on 10/11/23. You will then enter required (and optional) information, and click Sign Up.

You will receive a QR code that you can use to "scan" with colleges at the event. The reps will receive the information you entered in the registration form. In return, you will receive a list of all the colleges you scanned with and their contact information. Parents can also sign up for an account. Currently, we have 82 schools and vendors attending the college fair, with more being adding daily. All students and families are welcome.

Student Registration
> Enter your information
Sign Up

College Fair List of Attendees

Please email Mrs. Kaiser, College and Career Counselor, with any questions:

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closeup of university building
Linda Mahoney

The following link is a listing of special scholarship programs that are being offered through various organizations. These programs provide opportunities for seniors to apply for various scholarships. Use the link below to view the list and these are also posted in Naviance. 

May Scholarship Bulletin

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