College Planning Video Presentations

The BRHS School Counseling Department has put together a series of videos for all Junior students and their parents to assist with the College/Future Planning Process.  Students can view at their own pace the various aspects of the college planning process and what needs to be accomplished by the Fall. These videos can be found on the high school website.  Counselors may have also put these videos on their own Google Classrooms for students to access.  Juniors should review all of the videos and then may request individual meetings with their counselor to review the information and ask any questions they may have. Please review the steps tab under the College Planning Guide tab for additional information! The link can be found here: College Planning Guide.  We look forward to helping you navigate this process! 

The School Counselors of BRHS have prepared the following short presentations for Juniors as they begin their journey:

Building Your College List

Understanding College Admission Plans and Terminology

Writing the College Essay

Teacher Recommendations

Counselor Recommendation

Extracurricular Resume of Activities

Financial Aid/Scholarships

College Visits


How to use Naviance through this process