Project Graduation

Project Graduation

It’s Never Too Early to Get Involved!

Dedicated to providing our students with Drug and Alcohol Education and the importance of making good choices each time they gather with friends, and finally at celebration after graduation.

Project Graduation, a Year-Long Program of Education and Celebration

Project Graduation is a nationally recognized program started by MADD to provide 10 months of education on the importance of safe, drug and alcohol free environments. Graduation Night is one of our community's greatest risks, and therefore we offer a safe, drug and alcohol free celebration for the graduates after their ceremony.

Students meet after graduation for an evening of fun supervised by chaperones consisting of faculty and/or parents. Students return back to the school in the early morning hours for pick up.

Through the education messages of Project Graduation's year long efforts, students and parents come to understand that having a good time does not have to include alcohol or drugs and provides them with a fun and safe celebration with their fellow graduates.

The Venue for the Class of 2020 will be held at SpaceEvents, Englewood, NJ and is sure to be an exciting, fun filled evening.

It is our goal to promote the event to all graduating seniors and encourage their attendance. We have  had 100% success in keeping the students at the events safe, which also increases the safety of the community on graduation night.

Parents, Project Graduation needs you. Please help promote the mission and program to your children. Please do not host parties allowing drugs or alcohol, especially on the nights of prom and graduation evening which are statistically the most dangerous nights for high school students. Support the event with your time, talents and treasures. We all want a culture of alcohol and drug avoidance in BRHS and our community.

To Be Part of the Solution attend a meeting, volunteer your time, donate  to your student’s class event or contact

Scheduled Project Graduation Meetings: