Choir Parents Organization

Welcome to the BRHS Choir Parents Organization! If you have a student participating in one of the Choir programs at BRHS, or are looking for information on how you can help out the Choir Parents Organization, you are in the right place. 

125 students participate in:

  • Mixed Choir (Freshman Ensemble)
  • Select Treble Ensemble (Auditioned Treble Ensemble)
  • Symphonic Choir (Honors Choir)

Many exciting events have been planned for the 2022-2023 school year. The Mixed Choir, Select Treble Ensemble, and Symphonic Choir will perform in numerous events, such as the Choir Parents' Concert, Fine Arts Festival, Winter and Spring Concert, as well as a trip to Carnegie Hall. 

The BRHS Choir Parents' Organization (CPO) is a parent and community based 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to help support the students in all BRHS choirs. All CPO members are volunteers. 

These parent volunteers serve as the board members for the CPO and chair committees, manage and provide refreshments to children and audience members at performances, and chaperone concerts and trips. There are many opportunities throughout the year for students and parents to volunteer time to help support the Choir program.

Choir Director: Dr. John Wilson

2022-2023 Officers of the Board

Co-Presidents - Dawn Bodrogi & Regina Masiello
Vice President/Membership - Jenn Gaffney
Treasurers - Peg Dolson
Secretary - Karen Maloney



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Join us for our first Choir Parent Meeting. Thursday, October 27th at 7:00 pm in the SMALL Cafeteria. 


Important Dates

November 8th - 7am-3pm. Choir Parents’ Concert. All Choirs During School Day. BRHS Choir Room.
November 9th - 7am-3pm. Choir Parents’ Concert. All Choirs During School Day. BRHS Choir Room.

January 19th - 7pm -9pm. Winter Concert. All Choirs. BRHS Auditorium

March 8th - 7pm - 9pm. Broadway Night #1. All Choirs. BRHS Auditorium.
March 9th - 7pm - 9pm. Broadway Night #2. All Choirs. BRHS Auditorium.

May 18th - 7pm - 9pm. Spring Concert. All Choirs. BRHS Auditorium.

June 8th -  6pm - 9:30pm. Choir Banquet. All Choirs Invited. 


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