Attendance FAQs


What should I do if my child is going to be absent for an extended period of time?
If possible, you should send an email (from an email address for an emergency contact listed in PowerSchool) to his or her Administrator, Guidance Counselor, Teachers, and the Attendance Office prior to the absence.

Why did my child get a Loss of Credit Warning Letter?
Loss of Credit Warning letters is sent out to inform you about the number of unexcused absences that your child has accumulated in a specific class to date.

Why did my child get a Loss of Credit Notification?
Loss of Credit Notifications are sent out to inform you that your child has exceeded the amount of unexcused absences allowed per course.  These absences are excused from any discipline (i.e. truancy); however, they still count toward the cumulative total number of absences.  If you wish to appeal these absences, please submit an Appeal Form.  For further information, please read the communication distributed on 9/14/2022 regarding updates to Attendance Regulation 5200.

Why did my child get an Absence Notification?
Absence Notifications are intended to inform you that your child was absent due to reasons outlined in District Regulation 5200, or a parent/guardian/doctor note was not provided to the Attendance Office within 5 days of the student's return date.

If you received notification that your child has been absent and your child has not yet returned to school, have your child hand in a note within 5 days of their return and attendance records will be updated accordingly.

What should I do if I notice a mistake on my child’s attendance record?
Call the attendance office at 908-231-8660 ext: 477031 or 477032 or email the subject teacher to express your concern.  If your child attended a school field trip or sports activity during school hours, it may take several days to see it reflected on the parent portal.

Why did I get an Automated Truancy Alert phone message for my child?
You will receive a truancy alert message if a parent or guardian has not reported the student’s absence by using the online form, or calling the Attendance Office or if your child was marked absent during their homeroom - Block 2.