Attendance Office

Use our online form to report your student absent/tardy or call the Attendance Office 908-231-8660 option 4.


If reporting by phone, a note and any additional documentation must be received by the Attendance Office within 5 days of the student's return date. If reporting by online form, it will serve as a parent/guardian note as long as it is received within 5 days of the student's return date. 


Tardy students must go to the Attendance Office upon arrival. Your child must have their Student ID and a note explaining reason for lateness.

Students must be present by the beginning of Period 5 (10:34am) on the day of an event in order to participate in or represent our school in co-curricular activities such as athletics, drama, band, etc.

Excused Absences

An "excused absence” is a student’s absence from school for a full day or a portion of a day for the observance of a religious holiday pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:36-14 through 16, or any absence for one of the reasons listed below: 

  • Excused Absences (All notes must be received within five days of the student’s return date.) 
  • Student illness (verified by note from parent/guardian or doctor). 
  • Consecutive days of student illness, not in excess of three days (when verified by note from parent/guardian or doctor). 
  • More than three days of consecutive absence due to illness (when verified by medical   note from a doctor). 
  • Necessary and unavoidable medical, dental, legal appointments that cannot be scheduled at a time other than school day (verified by note from a professional). 
  • Death in the family for consecutive absences fewer than six days (verified by note from parent/guardian). 
  • Post-Secondary Education – College/Technical/Military (verified by a dated letter from the school or a parent/guardian). 
Juniors – two per year / Seniors – two per year. 
  • Post High School Employment Opportunities (verified by dated letter from the organization).   Seniors only – two days. 
  • Excused religious observances. State Approved Religious Holidays
  • Take Your Child to Work Day, New Jersey School Register 
  • School approved/sponsored activity. 
  • In/Out of school suspensions. 
  • Motor Vehicle Agency Driver’s Test (verified by documentation from New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles). 

Unexcused Absences

“An unexcused absence that counts toward truancy” is a student’s absence from school for a full or a portion of a day for any reason that is not an “excused absence” as defined above. 

All absences not designated as excused above, or deemed excused when there is a medical reason accompanied by a doctor’s note, shall be treated as unexcused. Absences due to family trips and/or vacations are unexcused. The Principal and/or Attendance Committee have the prerogative to address excessive excused absences as they would address unexcused absences, if instruction and the learning environment are negatively impacted.


Type of Course

Absence Limit


4 Unexcused Absences

Physical Education

12 Unexcused Absences


8 Unexcused Absences

Full Year

16 Unexcused Absences

Early Dismissal

Students requesting an early dismissal must deliver a parent/guardian note to the Attendance Office prior to the start of period 1 on the day of the dismissal to receive a pass.

Early Dismissal note must include:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Reason for dismissal
  3. Time he/she needs to be dismissed
  4. Parent/ guardian signature and telephone number
  5. If anyone other than the parent/guardian is signing the student out, please write the name of the designated person in the note.

Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors must be signed out by parent/guardian or designated person stated in the note in the Attendance Office.

Seniors who have their own transportation should bring a note to the attendance office when they arrive to school in the morning.  Once it is received, an Attendance Office staff member will call parent/guardian for verification.  Once verified, a pass will be issued to the student.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my child is going to be absent for an extended period of time?

If possible, your child should bring a note to his or her Administrator, Guidance Counselor, Teachers and the Attendance Office prior to the absence.

Why did my child get a Loss of Credit Warning Letter?

Loss of Credit Warning letters are sent out to inform you about the amount of absences that your child has accumulated in a specific class to date.

Why did my child get a Loss of Credit Notification?

Loss of Credit Notifications are sent out to inform you that your child has exceeded the amount of absences allowed per course. If you wish to appeal, please submit an Appeal Form.

Why did my child get an Absence Notification?

Absence Notifications are intended to inform you that:

  • Your child was absent due to reasons that are considered “unexcused” as per District Regulation 5200. 
  • Your child was absent due to reasons that are considered “excused” according to District Regulation 5200, however, a parent/guardian/doctor note was not provided to the Attendance Office within 5 days of the student's return date.

If you received notification that your child has been absent and your child has not yet returned to school, have your child hand in a note within 5 days of their return and attendance records will be updated accordingly.  

What should I do if I notice a mistake on my child’s attendance record?

You may call the attendance office at 908-231-8660 ext: 2205 or 2248 or email the subject teacher to express your concern.

 If your child attended a school field trip or sports activity during school hours, it may take several days to see it reflected on the parent portal.

Why did I get an Automated Truancy Alert phone message for my child?

  • If a parent or guardian has not reported an absence by email or phone
  • If your child was marked absent during his or her homeroom period (8:06am – 8:10am).

Can my child hand in an absence note even if it is past the 5 day limit?

Yes. Notes that are handed in beyond the 5 day limit will be put in the student’s file; however, no changes will be made to your child’s attendance record.