MAY 2021

The following is a listing of special scholarship programs that are being offered virtually through Naviance. These programs provide opportunities for seniors to apply for various scholarships.  

COUNSELING AND THERAPY SERVICES SCHOLARSHIP: Dr. Barbara Ronca, LCSW will be awarding one (1) $300 scholarship to any student accepted into a social work or psychology program (excluding Allied Health) at an accredited college or university. Student must be interested in pursuing social work, psychology or a form of direct counseling. Complete the Local Scholarship Student Application (Google form) at the BRHS website homepage or Student Resources. Submission instructions are in the Google folder sent via email on March 5th and also found on the BRHS website homepage or under Student Resources.

THORNTON SISTERS FOUNDATION – DONALD AND ITASKER THORNTON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: The Thornton Sisters Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to a female high school senior of color [African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino-American, Caribbean-American, Native American, Asian-American, etc.]   who is entering a four-year accredited college or university.  Any student who has or will receive a full scholarship at any time should not apply.  Three letters of recommendations, a copy of parent's income tax statements, a personal statement and the application are required. For more information and an application, visit: 

MID NEW JERSEY YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION-LIESEL KREHAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: MNJYSA Board of Directors has created two $1,000 scholarships in honor of Liesel Krehan’s dedicated years of service and many contributions to youth soccer.  The scholarships will be awarded annually and paid to a male and female candidate. For more information and an application, visit: 

NEW JERSEY DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS SCHOLARSHIP: Applicant must be a New Jersey resident. Applicant must be a natural or adopted descendant of a member of the Disabled American Veterans, Dept. of NJ (sons, daughter, grandsons, granddaughters, nieces, nephews, cousins). Applicant must submit, in his or her own words, an essay of no more than 500 words: considering how divided we are as a nation, what is your main concern for the future of our country, and how can we help it heal. Application and essays must be typed or printed legibly in its entirety. Applicant may submit only ONE Application. Applicant must sign and date authentication. Parent or Guardian signature is also required if applicant is under the age of 18. Applications and essays may be faxed to the office at 609-396-9562. Applicant must provide proof of relationship and that the veteran is a member of the Disabled American Veterans. The Committee will select three (3) winners of these Scholarships from all eligible applications. The winners will be notified by certified mail in a letter with an accompanying check. For more information and an application, visit:

B. DAVIS SCHOLARSHIP: The B. Davis Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded to one (1) high school junior or graduating senior. This is not an academic scholarship, but you will need to provide what your future academic plans are. To apply for this scholarship, you will need to write an essay of less than 1,000 words on a given topic. For more information and an application, visit: 

SALIX GASTROINTESTINAL HEALTH SCHOLARS PROGRAM: Salix Pharmaceuticals is sponsoring a scholarship to recognize residents of the United States. Salix is proud to offer an annual scholarship program – totaling $100,000 – that recognizes outstanding students living with GI disease, as they pursue their higher education goals. Applicants must have been accepted to, or are currently or will be attending an accredited, nonprofit, two- or four-year college, university, or an advanced vocational or technical school as a student in an upcoming school year. For more information and an application, visit:

LEP FOUNDATION CURE - CANCER SUPPORT SCHOLARSHIPFor students who were diagnosed with cancer in childhood and whose disease and related treatments placed a significant financial burden on them and their families. Applicants must reside in the U.S. The recipient must demonstrate academic achievement and be accepted for admission at an institution of higher education. Applications must include a one-page essay regarding your diagnosis and the challenges that you and your family faced due to cancer and cancer-related treatments. For more information and an application, visit:

EL DABE RITTER SCHOLARSHIPAt El Dabe Law, we passionately believe in and support the importance of a proper education. Without an education, many doors will remain closed. Going to school is an uphill battle, and if you don't have the proper aid in place, you may end up never going to school. We make this easier for you, by offering our $1,500 scholarship. This scholarship is our way of providing support to those who want a higher education. In order to apply for this scholarship, we request you write a 500+ word essay on why having a higher education is important. We'd like to learn more about you as a student, and how you've persevered and fought to get the education you want. Tell us about one challenge, and how it has prepared you for the challenges you face as a student. Scholarship will be awarded in the Fall of 2021. For more information and an application, visit: 

INJURED CALL TODAY SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship is available to all high school seniors and current college students who are planning on entering the medical field. We understand how difficult it can be to pay for college and medical school, and we want to provide this opportunity to supplement the affordability to a better education. This scholarship is judged and awarded primarily on merit and need. Applicant must plan to attend college by fall semester 2021 and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Applicants are required to write a 500-word essay on why they are interested in entering the medical field. This scholarship is a one-time award worth $1,000 to be awarded the fall semester of 2021. For more information and an application, visit:

AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL SCHOLARSHIP: Any team manager or head coach of an American Legion (post–affiliated) team may nominate a player for consideration of this award. The scholarship application, letters of recommendation and certification form must be completed, postmarked and mailed to the department headquarters no later than July 15. Three letters of testimony must be attached to the nomination form. Attach a one-page letter of recommendation from your: (1) Legion coach or team manager (2) American Legion post commander or adjutant (3) Community leader, (i.e. teacher, minister, Scout leader, church leader, principal). Each Department Baseball Committee will select an American Legion player who best meets the qualifications as the American Legion Baseball Scholarship winner. Each department winner will receive a scholarship from The American Legion of $500 or more. The 2021 session will be held June 20-25, 2021 at Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ. For more information and an application, visit: American Legion Baseball Scholarship

THE PONTON LAW SCHOLARSHIP:  The Ponton Law Scholarship is now available to any high school senior in the United States that desires to apply. The scholarship can be used for any form of school related expenses. Applicants should be enrolled in an accredited university in the United States. Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. All applications should be submitted no later than July 31, 2021. This scholarship will be awarded in the 2021 Fall Semester. There is no application fee. The award amount is $1,000.  For more information and an application, visit:  (scroll to bottom) 

FOSTER AND ADOPTIVE FAMILY SERVICES: FAFS offers eight scholarships and grant opportunities to high school seniors, and those who received their GED who are or have been under the care of the Division of Child Protection & Permanency. In addition to the FAFS Private Scholarships, the program is available to youth who have experienced a CP&P out-of-home placement. For more information and application visit: