The lights shined on these theatrical stars for three nights in May

The lights shined on these theatrical stars for three nights in May

Why go to Broadway when you can go to Bridgewater-Raritan High School

This waggish notion has credence.

Here’s why.

The auditorium located at Bridgewater-Raritan High School’s sprawling campus is where the Bridgewater-Raritan High School Theater Arts performs its magic.

The proof is these magical members who make up the Bridgewater-Raritan High School Theater Arts were on stage to  show off their gifted skills from Friday, May 2 through Saturday, May 4, when the high school’s Spring Musical was presented.

The show was Disney's “High School Musical,” which was a smashing success.

The auditorium was packed with a delightful audience each evening for this production, when a passionate and committed team of students starred on stage and behind the curtains, all under the meticulous guidance of the Director/Musical Director, Heather Diaforli-Day.

To best support that suggestion to avoid a trip to Broadway is to hear the voices delivered by the people who enjoyed the experience at the high school auditorium during the evening hours of early May.

“The performances this weekend exceeded my expectations, and the houses were packed with enthusiastic, appreciative audiences,” Ms. Diaflori-Day said. 

That report about the crowd was precise. 

“On Thursday (May 2), I attended my first musical performed by our very own high school students,’ said Jacqueline Porter, who has been the Payroll Coordinator for the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District since 2022. “The play's title was "High School Musical.” It was a fun-loving story of our youth and the similarities and differences between us and how we can all get along.”

Ms. Porter felt the energy that spilled over from the stage.

“It was evident how much fun the performers were having because it exuded into the audience.
The songs, dances, and acting were a joy to watch,” Ms. Porter observed, “A true feel-good play, which I enjoyed very much.”

Angela Guasco, who also works in the school district's Payroll Department, accompanied Ms. Porter to the musical's opening night on May 2.

“Just to let you know that the musical “High School Musical” was beyond great,” Ms. Guasco claimed. “ I have been talking about it for days. The complete cast was beyond great, how they remembered their lines was amazing. The basketball scene really got to me, to do what they did, and not once did you see an error.”

She continued her applause of the cast.

“Amazing, just amazing. Never seen anything done so perfectly. They all deserved to be recognized, they all did an amazing job.”

Another member of the attentive audience during the productions was Matt McCarthy, who is the Supervisor of Arts Education for the school district.

“The students were spectacular! It was a very large cast, but each one of them left an impression on the audience,” Mr. McCarthy said. “It was also great to see the strong community support for this program. I attended a packed house on Friday night (May 3)”. 

This spectacular production capped what was a grueling but enjoyable stretch of practice.

“The cast and crew poured their hearts into this production, as this was a culmination of months of long rehearsals.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these wonderfully talented students, their parents, and my colleagues on this production,” Ms. Diaflori-Day stated.

 Before Ms. Diaflori-Day closed the curtain, she concluded her final act:

“Our hope is that our audiences walked out with smiles on their faces and the feeling that beautiful things can happen when we are all in this together.”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Here is the complete program of the “High School Musical.”

High School Musical program

Also, please watch two short video clips of scenes from “High School Musical.”

High School Musical video clip 1

High School Musical video clip 2