The High School Parent Portal is now open.

Please read the following communication regarding schedules and schedule changes: 

Dear Student/Parent/Guardian:

Unofficial class schedules for the 2019-2020 school year are now available for preview through the Parent Portal of PowerSchool. Every attempt will be made to retain this schedule; however, this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change. Counseling staff will continue to resolve schedule conflicts until school begins on September 5th.

When reading the schedule:

  • Term 19-20 = Full year Course
  • Term S1 = Semester 1
  • Term S2 = Semester 2

All schedules should include the following:

  • A Full Year of Lunch (2 Semesters)
  • All Required Core Classes
  • Physical Education

Be advised that all underclassmen should have no more than one open period or study hall per semester. Study halls will be added to students' schedules right before school begins.

Approved (Option II) Independent Studies, Service Learning, and Alternate Physical Education will be added to student schedules after the start of school. Students completing approved Option II Credit Recovery and/or Advancement courses must submit verification of grade/credit earned before a schedule change can be made. These students should meet with their counselor to modify their schedules. Further, the order of classes and/or teachers reflected on your unofficial schedule could change in order to balance sections for the opening of school.

The complexities in the Master Schedule which arise from a school of our size may result in a conflict/error in your schedule. School counselors will be available during the week of August 19th to resolve schedule errors. This includes class changes due to accelerated coursework and/or credit recovery. Students will not be permitted to change elective courses during this week – elective changes will be permitted after the start of school according to specific guidelines published in the Program of Studies.

Students can submit a Google Form to schedule an appointment to resolve the following errors only:

  • The schedule does not reflect 35 credits (excluding seniors)
  • Missing a graduation requirement (seniors only)
  • More than one class period with nothing assigned
  • Incorrect level (e.g., requested Honors but scheduled for Academic)
  • Missing core classes
  • Multiple courses scheduled during the same period
  • No lunch
  • Special Education Program: Not in accordance with IEP

To resolve any scheduling conflicts, please complete the Counselor Request Form (GoogleForm). A school counselor will reach out to you with either the resolution to the issue or an appointment.

Your official 2019-2020 class schedule will be given during homeroom on Thursday, September 5, 2019. Please be advised that this is a full day.

Please note that the first two school days in the counseling office will be set aside specifically for counselors to address the urgent needs of students who have legitimate errors in their schedules. As stated in the 2019-2020 Program of Studies, students may drop/add semester courses until September 26, 2019 with priority given to students as follows: Seniors may begin on Sept 9th; Juniors may begin on Sept 11th; and Sophomores/Freshmen may begin on Sept 13th.

Best wishes for a healthy and safe summer!

Alan Iachini

Supervisor of School Counseling