Students deliver a sound performance during Choir Parents Concert

Students deliver a sound performance during Choir Parents Concert

Ken Wilkinson sat through all three performances when the Choir Parents Concert was presented in the chorus room at Bridgewater-Raritan High School on Tuesday, November 14.

And he had children—grandchildren to be exact—in just two of the three concerts that were delivered by the high school’s school choir program.

He sat and watched his granddaughter Maddie Van Dyk sing with her fellow members of the Select Treble Ensemble in the first act and continued to sit through the second performance, which was sung by the Mixed Choir, even though there were no grandkids in that group.

“These kids were great,’’ claimed Mr. Wilkinson, who chose to listen to the Mixed Choir rather than walk the hallways of the high school.

Easy choice, he said.

“I was really impressed by how disciplined these students were. It was a great opportunity to be here.’’

He and other family members of the choir students watched the final show, which was sung by the Symphonic Choir that included Mr. Wilkinson’s grandson, Sebastian Krihak.

All three of these splendid concerts were full of sound and energy that were performed by the students who are tutored by their leader, Dr. John Wilson, the Bridgewater-Raritan High School’s dedicated Choral Director.  

His plan to hold these concerts for the adults to visit the high school and enjoy was a success once again.

“It is always wonderful to have families meet for the sake of music making. I am so thankful to the parents who were able to join us, and for the support of all of the choir parents!,’’ Dr. Wilson said.