An American tradition shared by high school's ESL students

An American tradition shared by high school's ESL students

Foreign students who study in the English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at Bridgewater-Raritan High School received an education on an American tradition on Monday, November 21—and it was a delicious lesson at that.

Due to the passionate and tireless efforts of the ESL administrators and staff and World Language Honor Society students, plus a donation from Wegmans, the ESL Thanksgiving Celebration was served during the Unit Lunch period in the conference room inside the high school’s media center.

“The ESL students have been learning about Thanksgiving in their ESL classes as this is an American holiday and many of our students are new to the United States,” said Maria Kostis, a French and ESL teacher at the high school and one of the chief organizers of the luncheon.

A full meal of turkey and the fixings plus plenty of tasty desserts were served to an estimated group of 20 students. 

Ms. Kostis shared the credit in bringing a festive event to the ESL students during Thanksgiving week.

“I coordinated the lunch with ESL teachers, Carolina Smith and Lucinda Jaffe, and with the support of our Supervisor of World Language, Laura DeNicola, and Leigh Ann Matthews, our District Coach,” Ms. Kostis reported.

“We support having the ESL kids together from other countries,’ Ms. DeNicola said. “”This is the land of opportunity and this event is an opportunity to bring everyone together.”

The staff succeeded in their mission.

“This lunch brought cultures and different languages together,”  Ms. Matthews said. “They are able to learn all about each other.”

The students were served their lunch by Ms.  Kostis and Ms. Smith and World Language Honor Society students.

They ate their hearty holiday meals and gained the chance to learn about each other and also the opportunity to enjoy an American tradition.

“For many of these students, this is their first Thanksgiving meal,” Ms. Kostis said. 

Ms. Smith summed up the attitude of the holiday feast.

“We all came together to celebrate Thanksgiving,’’ she said.